Aerial Work Platforms

(Mobile Elevating Work Platforms)

Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) will be known as Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, or (MEWP) as of December 2019.

Operators, occupants, maintenance and repair professionals of Aerial Work Platforms in British Columbia are required to have comprehensive training and certification that meets CSA series B354 and ANSI A92, as well as, WorkSafe BC’s Workers Compensation Act, Part 3: OHS and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, Part 13 Division 5: Mobile Work Platforms and Part 16: Mobile Equipment.


This course is designed to meet and exceed the new requirements for practical and theory training in: -CSA standards B354 -ANSI standards A92

This Aerial Work Platform operators course includes new classifications for MEWP’s within aerial lift and scissor lift Group A and Group B types. This course meets all CSA and WorkSafe BC requirements for safety training certification in all Canadian Provinces and Territories.


Operators, Occupants and Maintenance & Repair Personnel


Maximum 8 students per class


4 hr to 8 hr sessions (depending on class size / participant experience and comprehension)


Each participant will be instructed on the safe operational procedures for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating guidelines, CSA standards, WorkSafe BC and Federal Regulations. Participants will learn:

The following topics will be covered in this course:
  • Federal and Provincial Legislation
  • CSA related codes and standards
  • Manufacturers requirements/Operator’s manual
  • Group Types of AWP’s
  • Pre-operational inspections
  • Fall Protection requirements
  • Shutdown and Storage procedures
  • Machine components, Safe guards, Controls, Axels
  • Safety systems, Stability and Capacity
  • Machine Hazards
  • Common incidents and accidents
  • PPE and Safety decals
  • Classroom theory, Practical evaluation and Written exam
  • Changes coming with MEWP’s

Upon conclusion of the course, participants will have; developed a comprehensive understanding of the above topics, participated in group discussions and exercises, observed and practiced in the safe use and care of various types of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.


A Record of Training (ROT) certificate card will be issued upon successful completion of the course. The ROT certificate for Aerial Work Platform training is valid for 3 years


Federal – Canada Labour Code Part 2: Occupational Health and Safety

WorkSafe BC applicable Regulations, Policies and Guidelines relating to the: Workers Compensation Act: Part 3 – OHS and Occupational Health & Safety Regulation: Part 13 Division 5 – Movable Work Platforms and Part 16 – Mobile Equipment scaffolds-and-temporary-work-platforms#1A98A570B07A47E2AAB42FF2A1491822 equipment

CSA Standard CSA Series B354 and ANSI A92


WorkSafe BC recognizes employers and supervisors are responsible to ensure all workers are;

• Adequately trained and certified
• Provide direct supervision and correct unsafe acts/conditions
• Ensure only authorized, adequately trained workers operate equipment
• Maintain health & safety standards

WorkSafe BC requires all personnel responsible for operators, occupants and maintenance/repair of MEWP’s to be adequately trained and provide proof of training issued by a qualified instructor.

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