Lockout Training

Lockout Tagout TrainingLockout Training Intended For: Workers using any machinery or equipment needing to be de-energized and locked out.
Class Size: Maximum 12 students
Course Length: Approximately 4 hours
Course Content: The following WorkSafe BC regulated content is covered in this half-day course;

  • Defining Lockout/Tagout Program
  • Discussing authorized vs affected employees
  • Identifying forms of hazardous energy
  • Learning to isolate and control energy
  • Discuss the six steps of Lockout/Tagout
  • Applying the locks and tags
  • Releasing residual energy
  • Verifying zero energy state
  • Proper order of start-up steps
  • Equipment specific procedures
  • Personal and Group Lockout/Tagout requirements
  • Multiple person and multiple point lockout
  • Outside personnel (contractors)
  • Shift/personnel changes
  • Examples of mishaps nationwide involving improper Lockout/Tagout causes

Upon conclusion of the Lockout Training course, participants will have:

Developed a clear understanding of the above topics, participated in group discussions and exercises and observed and participated in a demonstration of a proper lockout procedure.


A Record of Lockout Training certificate of completion will be issued.

Applicable Regulation:

WorkSafe BC’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, Part 10: De-energization and Lockout



According to WorkSafe BC, the employer is responsible for establishing the lockout system to be implemented within the worksite. Procedures for lockout must be written.

The employer must make sure that each worker required to lock out machinery or equipment has access to enough personal locks to perform the required lockout procedure.

Each worker’s lock should be opened only by a key that is in the worker’s possession and by a key under the control of the supervisor or manager in charge. Combination locks must not be used for lockout.

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