Propane Examiner

Course Outline

The Examiner Program includes Technical Safety BC recognized training curriculum, Examiner’s Guide, self-study work- book, PowerPoint and review exercises. Learning is supported and verified by way of practical and theory assessments in a structured format. Upon successful completion students will receive a record of training certificate which is valid for 3 years.

Intended for:

The TeamWorks Examiner program is intended for Owners/Managers to train your own staff more effectively and conveniently for about 1⁄4 the cost of scheduling 3rd party instruction. In addition, your employees will gain more knowledge and acquire more skills using the TWS Examiner Program.

The Examiner program not only increases the safety of your operation but also demonstrates professionalism with your customers and the overall community in which you serve.

Class Size:

Maximum 8 students per class

Course Length:

8 Hours depending on class size and experience

4 Steps to Becoming a Certified Trainer

There are four simple steps to qualify as an LPG Retail Examiner;

(1) You are a holder of a current LPG fuel handling certificate recognized by Technical Safety Authority BC Directive D-GA-2017-01 and CSA Propane Storage and Handling Code CSA B149.2-15-5.2.1

(2) Successful completion of the TWS Train-the-Examiner Program.

(3) You possess sufficient industry experience and carry Comprehensive General Liability insurance coverage of at least $2 million.

(4) You commit to maintaining the highest standards of training competency through the LPG Industry Code of Practice Policy.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)
Who Would Be a Typical Examiner?

An Examiner is typically the owner or manager of a retail operation who sells propane to the consumer. Retail operators are ultimately responsible for all training, supervision and direction of their workers.

How often must an employee be retrained in the handling process?

It is the position of the LPG industry and TeamWorks Solutions that all persons handling LPG require retraining at inter- vals not exceeding 3 years. Retraining shall meet the requirements of CSA B149.2-5.2.1 and TSBC Directive D-GA2017- 01 ensuring knowledge verification and practical skills evaluation for LPG fuel handling.

How do I maintain my Examiner qualification?

To maintain your Examiner Qualification Status, you must instruct and examine a minimum of one person per year.

Who am I allowed to examine?

Only those individuals who are directly employed within your company.

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