Propane Examiner FAQ’s

Propane Examiner FAQ

Who would be a typical Examiner?

An Examiner is typically the owner or manager of a retail operation who sells propane to the consumer.  Retail operators are ultimately responsible for all training, supervision and direction of their workers.

How often must an employee be retrained in the handling process?

It is the position of the LPG industry and TeamWorks Solutions that all persons handling LPG require retraining at intervals not exceeding 3 years. Retraining shall meet the requirements of CSA B149.2-5.2.1 and TSBC Directive D-GA2017-01 ensuring knowledge verification and practical skills evaluation for LPG fuel handling.

How do I maintain my Examiner qualification?

To maintain your Examiner Qualification Status, you must instruct and examine a minimum of one person per year.

Who am I allowed to examine?

Only those individuals who are directly employed within your company.

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