As Business Partner for the Propane Training Institute and the Canadian Propane Association we are dedicated to offering regulatory recognized training programs to assist the LPG industry to meet its LPG-gas technical training needs. Our courses have been designed to provide basic instruction on the safe handling of propane and propane powered equipment and satisfy federal and provincial training requirements. Most of our courses are designed to be delivered in one day or less and some of our courses are available with self-study materials to reduce the amount on in-class time for the student. The national Propane Storage and Handling Code for Canada (B149.2) stipulates that individuals who transfer propane from one container to another, must be the holder of a certificate recognized by the authority having jurisdiction. All TWS LPG courses are recognized in British Columbia by the BC Safety Authority and WorkSafe BC.

Propane Pump Attendant

Filling Auto propane Tanks

Connection and Use of Construction Heaters

Rail Car Unloading

Filling Propane Cylinders

Bulk Truck Propane Delivery

Working with propane Cylinders

TDG Transport Canada

Filling Forklift Cylinders by Volume

Propane Cylinder Exchange

Cylinder Inspection and Requalification