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July 12, 2019


We hope you’re all coping as well as can be expected during this unprecedented time.  As Health and Safety professionals, it’s important we all remain focused on the safety and well-being of those under our care and those who rely on our knowledge and guidance.
That said, we have been working closely with Technical Safety BC to develop workable solutions and establish guidelines to encourage safe methods of training while ensuring the correct handling and transfer of propane continues to be done by skilled, qualified personnel.
Option 1: Reduce Size of Training Classes
As a training provider, we encourage you to follow training delivery methods in line with the ‘Orders’ issued by the Provincial Health Officer in BC, and latest updates from WorkSafe BC.
These may include but are not limited to:
  • Pre-screening each participant. Ask if they’re experiencing any indications or symptoms of illness, cold, flu etc.
    Anyone demonstrating signs of illness should not be allowed to participate in the training session.
  • Reduce your class size in such a way that social distancing measures can be maintained.
    (TWS is limiting class sizes to 4 students + Instructor, and only if room size allows for physical distancing
    guidelines of 2 meters. For smaller venues, adjust class size accordingly).
  • No sharing of PPE, neoprene gloves, safety glasses etc.
  • Students have their own pens, calculators and course study guides.
  • All signed documents / exams / skill assessments are placed in large envelope before handing to the trainer.
    (Exams may be processed the following week for submission to TWS)
  • Wash hands frequently and disinfect equipment as required.
Option 2:   Instructor Lead – Online Learning (Alternative to In-Class Training)
Upon completion of application, Technical Safety BC has agreed to temporarily allow TeamWorks Solutions to offer online, Instructor-Led Learning for the theory component of our propane training courses.   We anticipate this to remain in effect while the BC Provincial Health Officer Distancing Order remains in place.   The physical Hands-on Skill Assessments MUST still be completed in person,
however, we are working on a variety of solutions to accomplish this as well.
We are in the process of submitting application for “Temporary Recognition” to the Provincial Safety Manager at TSBC.  We’ll keep
you posted on our progress and update you know as soon as we have approvals in place.
Technical Safety BC acknowledges that training providers will experience delays in delivering re-certification training to individuals. Therefore, if an individual is working as allowed or required under COVID-19 restrictions, and their certification is expired or will expire during or prior to being able to complete the required training for re-certification: Workers can continue to perform their duties on an interim basis for three (3) months post expiry of their certificate. This temporary allowance is only in place until social distancing rules are removed.
We recognize these may not be perfect solutions but given the unprecedented situation we are in, these suggestions are intended to provide some viable temporary alternatives to ensure we are meeting our regulatory obligations while supporting industry best practices for safety and compliance.
We’re here to take your calls and provide you with the information and tools you need to keep your workforce operating efficiently, safely and regulatory compliant.
Thank you for your understanding and support during this evolving situation. Take care and please do not hesitate to contact us ANYTIME
if we can be of assistance.
You can reach me personally at:
Office: 604-864-8628
Cell:    604-996-1651


Kevin O’Donnell  CTDP

CTDP – Certified Training Development Professional    Member of the Institute for Performance and Learning   

www.twsolutions.ca o. 604-864-8628 c. 604-996-1651






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