Working With Propane

Working With Propane

Course Overview:

This course is a self-study awareness course for any individual requiring a basic overview about propane, propane systems and the proper, safe way to use propane.

Key Learning Objectives:

The student will gain knowledge in the following key areas

  • Product Knowledge

Includes instruction on the properties and characteristics of propane; preventative measures and first aid tips specific to propane; sources of ignition and testing for leaks; emergency preparedness.

  • Propane Containers

Includes instruction on types and sizes of propane cylinders; propane cylinder components; handling and storage of propane cylinders; propane cylinder inspection; proper use of propane cylinders; the transportation of propane cylinders and propane storage tanks.

  • Operating Propane Appliances

Includes instruction on general use of propane appliances, basic rules for about propane system installations; the use of approved appliances; flame appearance; combustion
and ventilation.

Regulatory References:

This course has been designed to satisfy regulatory requirements of the most current CAN/CSA-B149.2 Propane Storage and Handling Code and Transportation of Dangerous
Goods regulations.

Certification Requirements:

The student must complete the included exam and return it to the Propane Training Institute for grading. Students who obtain a grade of at least 75% will be issued a paper wall certificate indicating successful completion of the course. P∙T∙I certification is valid for three years from the date of training.

Course Duration:

This course has been designed as a self-study awareness course, however, could be offered in a classroom setting by a P∙T∙I certified Trainer.

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