The Practical Trainer – 2 Day Course

Becoming a good trainer is the result of developing skills to bring information to an audience.  Done well, instruction will engage, empower, and encourage continued learning.  This two-day course will give you the skills that you need so that your students not only learn, but also enjoy the process…  Details

WHERE: Langley, BC

Developing Your Training Program – 2 Day Course

Ongoing instructional development and continual design improvements are critical to training success in every organization.  Engaging employees with direct and inviting material is a key factor in retention.  This two-day workshop is designed for trainers who want to develop training programs that are meaningful, practical, and will benefit both trainees and the organizations they work for…  Details

WHERE: Langley, BC

Advanced Facilitation Skills – 2 Day Course

Behind every successful training session is a lot of preparation and attention to detail. A truly skilled trainer can make learning interesting and worthwhile. The students will enjoy learning if the instructor is able to involve their emotions as well as their minds. Reaching this stage …. Details

WHERE: Langley, BC

Leading for Safety Compliance – 2 Day Course

What supervisors do – and how well they do it – has a positive impact on safety efforts as well as overall performance. When supervisors are doing the right things in ways that build a strong safety culture, not only does safety itself improve, but the leadership skills employed can drive improvement in production, quality, and other critical performance areas as well.

This two-day workshop is for those responsible for delivering effective health and safety programs for their workforce. Participants will be introduced to the key concepts required to deliver an excellent health and safety program and get the most from participation…  Details

WHERE: Langley, BC

Leading for Performance – 2 Day Course

Supervisors share one thing in common, the expectation to lead.

Success as a supervisor is heavily influenced by how well your team operates and what kind of results they achieve.

  • Is your team enthusiastic and motivated to do their best?
  • Do they work well together?
  • Are they good problem solvers?

Being an effective supervisor isn’t easy, but developing these skills can yield extremely rewarding results. Supervisors and Safety leaders must exert a positive influence and be consistent with the message they deliver to co-workers.  Effective leadership involves positive methods of influence: someone who “walks the walk”.  This influence is created by showing others that their behaviours have a larger effect on the workplace…  Details

WHERE: Langley, BC

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