Good training starts with good curriculum.

Quality training and well-designed curriculum are key ingredients to developing a skilled workforce. Equally important to developing effective training programs is the ability to expand and update your training materials when and where you need to.

TWS specializes in developing customized course curriculum. We’ll work closely with you and the appropriate Authorities Having Jurisdiction to ensure you meet your training objectives. Once completed, you own the materials, giving you full control to modify the curriculum internally, or allow us to manage on your behalf.

And don’t worry, when the project is completed we’re not far away. With just a ‘click’ or a ‘call’ we continue to support your efforts, answering your questions, keeping you on top of regulatory issues and provide coaching tips to keep you and your trainers performing at your best.

Customized Course Curriculum – Key Features:
First and Foremost, we’ll work directly with you to identify your organization’s needs.

You can be confident that all courses meet Provincial and Federal Regulations, Guidelines and Policies and industry best practices.

Ranges from a small-scale single course to large-scale program development.

Includes Instructor’s Guide, participant’s guide, PowerPoint, applicable media, sign-in and summary forms, Record of Training (ROT) Certificates, exams and practical skill assessments.

We offer in-house Train-the-Trainer programs to help you better develop your trainers skills. Train-the-Trainer Level 1, 2 and 3 (click here for more details)

Here are just a few examples of Customized Course Curriculum we have built some of our long-standing customers:

  • Canadian Pacific Railway – Switch Heater Installer and Maintenance Course
  • BC LPG Industry – Alternative Gas Highway Fleet Conversion Course
  • Canadian Rental Association – Portable Heater Re-Certification Course
  • Air Canada YVR – Ground Support Operations
  • Superior Propane – Auto fleet & Back to Base Refueling Operations
  • Recycling & Transfer Stations – Destruction of Pressure Vessels

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