Curriculum Development


Developing effective curriculum are essential learning tools for any organization. The right curriculum along with motivating delivery is a key factor in retention. We know how difficult it can be to stay on top of changing training requirements, and the costs associated with hiring 3rd party trainers.

TeamWorks specializes in designing fully customizable curriculum and Train-the-Trainer programs many other developers may not offer.

When it comes to hiring external sources to develop your curriculum, many consultants and contractors will only provide you with the final copies of the material, and you may not actually own the rights to the course itself. This may cause you to always be bound to the developer for your future needs. Here at TeamWorks, we do things a little differently.

We recognize the importance of being a self-sufficient and independent with the ability to expand and reach your future goals. When we deliver customized course curriculum for your business, we hand over the final product to you with all original working copies, templates, fillable forms and data, with the ability to update, add, and modify as you progress. You own all rights to the course material to share and develop with your team.  But we won’t leave you all alone, we will always be alongside you to help with any questions, or future needs and development. We’re just a phone call away.

Customized Course Curriculum Key Features:

Building Blocks – One of our team members will work directly with you to identify your organizations needs.

  • Developed using current Federal, Provincial and WorkSafe BC legislation, Guidelines and Policies and Best Industry Practices.
  • Curriculum designed to meet and exceed WorkSafe BC or Industry Association requirements
  • Built with the people who have the expertise and skill base within your organization

Curriculum Design – Can range from a small-scale single course to a large-scale program with multiple components.

  • Trainer materials include: Instructors Guide, (theory and practical), PowerPoint, applicable media, training sign-in/summary sheet, Record of Training certificates, exam and answer keys, and USB including all student Materials and extras for in-house printing in a PDF format
  • Student materials include: Student workbook, Practice worksheets, applicable legislation information
  • Entire curriculum package includes: All of the above in PDF formatting, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher etc. Along with any extra documentation or record keeping that your organization needs to stay on top of legislative requirements.

Delivery – We can provide various mediums of delivery from one-on-one to large classroom settings.

  • Classroom and Theory
  • Practical hands-on
  • E-learning
  • Online
  • Workshops
  • Exams/Quizzes

In-house training – We offer in-house Train-the-Trainer programs to get your team certified to provide your own in-house training to the new course material.

  • Certifying your own team for in-house training instead of hiring external third-party trainers
  • Getting your team up to speed with Train-the-Trainer Level 1, 2 and 3 (click here for more details)

Future Development

  • Stay on top of legislative requirements by updating and adding to your existing curriculum in-house
  • Continue to develop and build upon your own curriculum, or
  • Contact us and we can assist you in any future requirements
Interested in who we have worked with?

Here are just a few examples of Customized Course Curriculum we have built some of our long-standing customers:

  • Canadian Pacific Railway – LPG Switch Heater Installer and Maintenance Course
  • BC LPG Industry – Alternative Gas Highway Fleet Conversion Course
  • Canadian Rental Association – Portable Heater Re-Certification Course
  • Air Canada YVR – Ground Support Refueling Operations
  • Superior Propane – Auto fleet & Back to Base Refueling Operations
  • Recycling & Transfer Stations – Destruction of Pressure Vessels

Would You Like More Information?

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