Leading for Safety Compliance

Leading for Safety ComplianceWhat supervisors do – and how well they do it – can have a positive impact on safety efforts as well as overall performance. When supervisors are doing the right things in ways that build a strong safety culture, not only does safety itself improve, but the leadership skills employed can drive improvement in production, quality and other critical performance areas as well.

This two-day workshop is for those who are responsible for delivering effective health and safety programs for their workforce. Participants will be introduced to the key concepts required to deliver an excellent health and safety program and get the most from participation. We will introduce leading edge practices that meet WorkSafe BC Occupational Health & Safety standards and provide ideas and practical tools to take back to the workplace and use right away. Participants will be given the tools to build health and safety into their everyday planning, create and promote a positive work environment and help make a lasting contribution towards a healthy, safe and productive workplace.

What participants will learn

  • Identify when a formal OHS program is required and how to effectively implement for success
  • Joint Committees, their function and role: Duties / Membership / Education / Training effectiveness
  • Compliance & due diligence: Managing / Reporting / Tracking
  • Key elements of a formal OHS program: Regulatory policies / Inspections / Meetings / Investigations / Records management / Training and supervision
  • Responsibilities for Health and Safety: We will explore the role of responsibilities for all those affected in the workplace, from owner to 3rd party contractors

Course Details

Course Duration: 2 days (16 hours)
Class Size: Maximum 10 students

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