Order a Propane Facility
Operations Manual

Order a Propane Facility Operations Manual

A Propane Facility Operations manual is required by Technical Safety BC (Directive #D-GA-2017-04) to meet compliance of CSA B149.2-15-7.22). The purpose of this manual is to identify responsibility and categorize important information required to meet Technical Safety BC and CSA requirements for safe, reliable propane operations including the service, maintenance, repair and training of your employees for the propane systems at your facility.

It is expected the person named in the operations manual is responsible for all the requirements within the Directive to ensure operational safety and maintenance is being performed in accordance to regulations and industry best practice. Your customized manual will include all the information required by Technical Safety BC.

The Propane Facility Operations manual includes the following: 

                1. Copy of Operating Permit
                2. Contact Information
                3. Program Operations Manual
                4. Record of Training Certificate
                5. Audits – Forms & Instructions
                6. SDS Documentation
                7. Applicable TSBC Directives
                8. Repair & Maintenance Records

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